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FastMovie was formed to streamline publishing of video content on the Internet. Unlike the myriad of companies attempting to become video destinations, like You Tube,, etc., the FastMovie proposition is to enable content owners to easily digitally convert, publish, market and monetize their video products via the Internet.

The FastMovie platform enables video producers, both professional and amateur, to quickly and easily convert their video content into full-screen, broadcast quality videos, and then easily publish that content to the Internet. The FastMovie VTP (video transcoding platform) solves the time and skill intensive problem of converting video from any input source, transcoding it to any output source and then delivering to any Internet destination or media platform. The product has the advantage of converting and uploading video more than twice the speed of any competitor with the added benefit of delivering that content in a full-screen, high-quality and high-bandwidth experience.

"I Just finished viewing the Carma movie in full screen mode on a 30 inch wide screen computer monitor. The quality was the best I have ever seen over the Internet and it was near DVD quality. The surround sound was great. It was amazing to have such high quality surround sound coming from the Internet. " -Barry Epling

Filmmakers and video producers -- distribute with Fast Movie today: If you have video content you want to distribute from your website, we can help you deliver it today, or develop a custom website for you. Email us here

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