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The next big wave of the digital revolution is digital video-The BIG Picture.  In the U.S., Congress enacted the Digital Television Transition and Public Safety Act of 2005 that mandates the move of television to digital, by 2009, to free up analog frequencies for first-responders telecommunication services. With the mandate of digital television, the marriage between the computer and the TV is assured.  


24 million HDTVs shipped worldwide last year.  Everyone seems to want a bigger TV and now everyone has more options that ever before.  The promise of High Definition TV for startling verisimilitude is the next big thing in tv and the movement is strongly gaining support.


Half of U.S. households to have broadband in 2007.  "Although the U.S. broadband services market is maturing and rapidly heading toward saturation, it will continue to experience strong growth in subscribers and revenue through 2011. In fact, by the end of this year, more than half of all U.S. households will access the Internet at home via a broadband connection, demonstrating that broadband is mainstream and an essential component of the digital home. Consequently, the next phase of broadband market development will be less focused on speeds and feeds and more about broadband's role as the key enabler of a host of bandwidth-intensive applications, services, and content and, more important, the heart of the emerging digital home." - Amy Harris Lind, program manager, Broadband Markets and Technologies, IDC Market Research


Not your fuzzy funny little clip.  The millions of videos that are uploaded and viewed on most video sites are limited to a grainy, jerky, 320 x 240, 10-minute, 12 frame-per-second clip in a postage stamp-sized frame. 


Now Playing - Professional Quality VideosFastMovie instantly delivers Internet video that's finally worth paying for-full screen, full-motion, 24 frames-per second, 720x400 resolution. And unlike most "DVD quality" Internet video services which force the user to wait up to six hours! for a download, FastMovie is a "progressive download" - it buffers and streams the video immediately as the viewer watches - time consuming downloads are not required.


Fast, easy for the consumer to watch: These are full-length, one to two-hour, pay-per-view feature films, documentarys, concerts, performances, classes and seminars, instructional and inspirational videos, filling the entire computer screen with beautiful, high-resolution DVD-quality, streaming broadcast in using either the free DiVX or Flash media player.


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